Pack the Pantry

Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church and Angels of Hope Metropolitan Community Church have joined forces through our Outreach Ministry Programs in order to connect closer with our community partners in the LGBTQ Community.

Both churches have designated every FOURTH SUNDAY of the month as PACK THE PANTY SUNDAY. Pack the Pantry Sunday is a time for you, the people of the church to come together and help support our partnered organizations Food Pantries.

We ask that you bring your items on the fourth Sunday and place them in the containers that will be provided. This doesn’t mean you can’t being your items on other Sundays as well, but are hopeful you will partake in Pack the Pantry on every Fourth Sunday of the month.

Monetary Donations* will also be accepted. Both Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church and Angels of Hope Metropolitan Community Church will transfer monetary donations directly to VIVENT Health.  These funds will go towards  the purchase  of  perishable items.  These items are: fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef and other meats, fresh breads and rolls, milk cheese and other dairy products. Checks can be made out to Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church and can be mailed to the church mailing address or placed in the offering basket on Sunday mornings.  Electronic and Credit Card transactions are also accepted by going to our Giving Link and indicating Pack the Pantry in the Comments Box.

Suggested Items for Donation

Mac & Cheese
Breakfast Cereals
Granola Type Bars
Protein Bars
Beef Sticks
Nut Packs
Peanut Butter
Canned Soups
Canned Beans
Caned Vegetables
Canned Fruit

Olive Oil
Vegetable Oil
BBQ Sauce
Hot Sauce
Boxed Potatoes
Canned Meats
Sports Drinks
Hand Sanitizer
Toilet Paper

Wet Wipes
Cleaning Wipes
Individual Bottled Water
Household Cleaning Items
100% Fruit Juice
Mouth Wash
Bar Soap
Liquid Soap
*Monetary Donations