About Milwaukee MCC

a Vibrant ~ Inclusive ~ Progressive Community of Faith

About Milwaukee MCC

Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church has a long tradition of welcoming those who are searching for a spiritual place where they can feel welcomed and accepted. We hope when you worship with us, you will find an environment of loving hospitality and Christian love within our community of faith. As a loving, inclusive Christian community of faith, we serve the diverse religious population of the Greater Milwaukee Area and beyond.

Metropolitan Community Church is a denomination founded in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community in 1968. As a member of this international denomination known globally as the Human Rights Church, we work to “Tear Down Walls” of injustice and oppression.

Metropolitan Community Churches originally started to provide a place for LGBTQI+ persons to worship, who were either rejected or oppressed from their faith tradition. However, today, we are a Vibrant, Inclusive, Progressive (VIP) Community of Faith that welcomes EVERYONE, with a unique call to the LGBTQI+ community. Our worship is a blend of many traditions and styles. You will find a variety of music, scriptures, prayers and Communion (Holy Eucharist) that is offered at every worship service. You will also find that our worship is not very formal or filled with rituals, but instead offers a relaxed, opened and inviting worship environment.

We believe God made us the way we are and God loves us the way we are. We celebrate the diversity of God’s creation and work for the inclusion and acceptance of ALL God’s people in the church and community life.

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