Who Can Be married?

Getting married at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church is open to all. We are an inclusive church and our pastor and congregation supports all loving relationships. Marriage can be one of life’s richest and most rewarding times, and we’d be honored to share it with you no matter who you are or who you love. 

Why Get married?

In society today, the pressure to marry is much less than it was in our parent’s day.  Certainly, LGBTQ folks have had little chance to formally create family via marriage. So, having formal church ceremony may seem unnecessary.

Making a formal commitment to one another as human beings, “in from of God and everyone” can give a relationship a sense of permanence.  It is a commitment to each other, to friends and to the community that two people will love and care for each other.

Marriage also has some legal and tax benefits … and besides … it’s a good reason for a party!

What is the capacity and size of the church?  Do we need to get married at the church or can we get married elsewhere?

Our building is small, but historic.  Built just after the Civil War, the sanctuary will seat approximately seventy-five individuals.  You can certainly get married at an non-traditional venue and our pastor will be happy to talk about those options.  If you do desire a church wedding and your capacity is over seventy-five individuals, Milwaukee MCC has reciprocal arrangements with other churches in the Milwaukee area to hold your ceremony. Please inquire with the pastor for that information.

Do I need to be a member? Do I need to take a class?

The answer to both is no. You must however meet as a couple with the Pastor at least twice before the rehearsal to prepare, plan, and go over your service. You can design your service or use a traditional ceremony. Our pastor will be more than happy to customize the wedding ceremony of your dream. We can also certainly talk about marriage and do some additional exercises to prepare you for the journey to come – but that’s up to you!

Where do I begin? 

Set up an appointment with the church office to connect with the Pastor and start making arrangements to plan your special day. If you have specific questions about the service please contact Reverend Tory Topjian, and he will be more than happy to have a conversation with you.

You may also inquire by calling the church (414-383-1100) or sending an inquiry email to [email protected]