2023 Lenten 40-Day Giving Challenge

Each year Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church invited our congregation to engage in our Annual Lenten Giving Challenge.  This year is no different!

We once again invite YOU to be a part of this year’s 2023 Challenge!

We once again invited to join the challenge by placing a set amount in the containers that can be obtained on Sundays in the Narthex of the Church or from a board member

Whether it’s a $1/day, $5/day, emptying out your pockets of your loose change, or whatever you are called to give, we invite you to place that in your containers during these forty days of Lent.

If you’re not a regular attendee or on our regular postal mail list at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church, and would like to partake in our challenge, you can contact the church via email at [email protected]. Provide us with your name and mailing information and the church will be happy to send you out a Lenten 40-Day Challenge Container. You can also go directly to our giving page and make your Lenten Offering contribution there.

As we would normally bring our gifts and offerings to the altar on Palm Sunday, this year we invite you to turn in your offering challenge in the following ways:

  1. Contact the church to make safe arrangements to drop your offering/gift off in person. You can also drop your envelope through the Mail Slot. If you’re collecting loose change, we request that you exchange that for bill currency or write a check or money order.
  2.  Go to our Giving page, and click on the “give-online” green icon, to make your payment online. Make sure you indicate check “Lenten Giving”.

The entire Board of Directors thanks you in advance for your engagement in this year’s Lenten Offering Challenge!