Our very own Reverend Tory, who is also a Board Member of Equality Armenia, and also a trailblazer of sorts, exemplifying true Christian love in preaching and living acceptance for all of God’s creations, was interviewed by Lara Vanian-Green from Armenian Enough, regarding the LGBTQ Community in the Church Today.

The church can be a great source of comfort and support for many individuals. It forms part of a culture that we are often born into and from which we forge a sense of identity. But what happens when who you are conflicts with who you were taught you are supposed to be? For many LGBTQ folks, the church can be a source of pain and rejection. The love that is preached from the pulpits is not always, it seems, meant for every parishioner.

People like the Reverend Tory Topjian are actively working to create a worship environment where everyone is not only welcome, but encouraged to come as they are. As church attendance is near historic lows, it’s crucial to their survival to not only change with the times, but to genuinely connect with and offer spiritual guidance to their communities.

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