Stewardship Campaign 2021

We are a proud to be a community of faith that is vibrant and alive, radically inclusive, preaching and living a progressive gospel as lived out by Jesus, the Christ.

Every Sunday we are invited to follow Jesus in radically living and annually we invite every one of us to make a pledge to the work and life of Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church.

This year, your Board of Directors, in conjunction with Staff and Senior Pastor, have decided to build on the theme “Time~Talent~Treasure.”

Through this effort in giving of our Time, Talent, and Treasure through the generosity of those who made pledged commitments last year to your tithes and offerings, we have been able to extraordinarily expand our effectiveness as a community.  We have been able to reach out in new ways with the radically inclusive good news of Jesus’ love, literally in Milwaukee, and around the world.

While having to worship virtually this past year, while being in this time of pandemic, and through providing access to our weekly worship services and sermons through Facebook and YouTube, as well as other social media services, many folks have been able to connect and be a part of our faith community each and week, throughout Wisconsin and the World.

We are excited about the impact that we are having and we are even more excited about what more we could do if we all chose to radically live and radically give of our time, talent and treasure, now, more than ever, as we continue to be in these challenging times.

This impact makes a difference not just in the world, but to members of our own church community. There are times that individuals we know are working several jobs because of falling on hard times.  Often times these individuals are barely able to scrape together enough for rent and food for the month, knowing that sometimes paying the utilities bills and other important bills are just beyond their reach.  It is through our love and caring that we have individuals within our congregation who often times provide that radical giving to allow individuals like this to make it through the month and give them the much-needed breathing space.  It’s also through you when you give through your radical love that we can also help through our Persons in Distress Funds (PID), to these same individuals.

There and so many other stores that we could share with you, similar stories, of how our radical giving has impacted lives in the church, the community and in the world.  Your pledges for 2021 will not only ensure that our shared work continues but increases our shared community impact. The Bible talks about “bringing the whole tithe into the storehouse.”

The Biblical standard of our pledge is a tithe (10%) of our income should be donated to the church.  We know that a number of our community not only tithe but go beyond the tithe in their act of radical giving. However, whether your give 10% (tithe) as your pledge or some other amount, know that your pledge makes a difference.

A member of the church who made a commitment to tithe and pledge wrote this: “I believe so very strongly in the inclusive, justice-driven, and healing ministries of the church.  I see each of the many ministries as spokes of a wheel.  As an individual doing my own ministry of writing and mentoring where I can, I am also one of the spokes.  As an individual, however, I am physically not able to participate in all the many things the church does, as much as I would like to do.  And yet I have the opportunity to support all those other spokes of the wheel – by tithing.”

As you review your 2021 budget, we ask you to please pray as you determine what you will pledge for 2021.  We invite you to think just what might be possible if everyone of us made our financial pledge as an act of faith and how much more your gift if able to do when we come together, just like the early disciples who responded to those who were naked, hungry and imprisoned without counting the cost.

Your pledge is one, that is of your time, talent and treasure and you are able to make that pledge from Sunday from November 1st through November 29th.  Please either return your pledge card, that you received in the mail, by either sending it back by mail, or, if you’d prefer doing it online/virtually, you can go to our website, under the online giving tab and complete the online form there. If you’d like to talk about your pledge for 2021, let us know and we will be pleased to speak with you directly.

We are better together and when we all do our part, we can radically live and radically give to create the world that God wants us to live in!

2021 Milwaukee MCC Pledge Card

  • I understand that this commitment may be changed at any time.