2021 Capital Campaign Fundraiser

“I Am Proud of ‘MY’ Church!

Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church is excited and happy to announce our 2021 Capital Fundraising Campaign which we have name: “I am Proud of “MY” Church!”

Our Capital Fund, which is really a fancy name for our building fund, of which we are raising funds for several needed repairs to the church building. While we are celebrating 50 Years in Ministry, our building is over 100 years old.

For those of you who are members, or worship with us on a regular basis, have heard mention of the water problems in the basement whenever it rains. And although we love all God’s creatures, we would prefer to keep the skunks, possums, and squirrels on the outside and from making a home inside the building. The money that we raise will be used for roofing repair, replacement of the gutters, along with some foundation work in need of repair.

We have so much to be “proud” of at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church. And this year we celebrate 50 Years of Ministry, in the Greater Milwaukee area, telling the story of God’s love for ALL people.  This is truly something to be proud of, and as a vibrant, inclusive, and progressive community of faith, we have so much more to offer.

Over the last fourteen months, when we could not worship in person, while never missing a beat, the board extends our heartfelt appreciation to Rev. Tory and our Worship Team, in what they have been doing, by feeding our souls and spirits each week, providing us with an online worship experience. In addition to this online experience, we started a virtual monthly coffee hour to keep us all connected.

By having to switch over to virtual connections over this duration, we have been able to keep our programs and ministries going, keeping them alive and strong. We can be proud of our Congregational Care Team for all the calls they have made, checking-in with each of us, making sure we were all doing good.

Theology-on-Tap and the POZ Spirit ministries, also went virtual, welcoming new people from around the block to around the United States and even Canada together. Our Prison Ministry also continues its strong outreach. Amazingly, we can accomplish all these things, first by the grace of God and second by the support of each of you. This is truly something to be proud of!

NOW it is time to take pride in our church building. We want to stand proud in our neighborhood by being a clean and well-maintained property.  We want to be proud when receiving visitors into our church building. We give thanks to our God for even being able to own a building and take pride in keeping it well maintained.

We all know Wisconsin has only a few months to get outside repairs done.  The “I Am Proud of ‘MY’ Church” fundraising campaign is happening now and will continue through the month of July 2021.

Your support and contributions will allow us to have repairs done before winter. You can make your contribution by sending a check in the mail to the church address, going to our website and clicking on the “GIVING” page, indicating that your contribution is for this campaign, or even dropping your contribution off at the church and slipping it in the mail slot.

Please join us in supporting this important fundraising campaign, and say with us:

“I am Proud of ‘MY’ Church”

We thank you with Prayers and Blessings,

The Board of Directors of Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church